We have started our water project you may experience low to no water off and on during this project. 

Town Council & City Employees

Mayor - Kenneth Wetz, current term ends in 2021.

Utilities Commissioner/Commission President - Donald Adams, current term ends in 2019.

Public Works Commissioner - Andy Howie, current term ends in 2019.

Public Safety Commissioner - Chad Erk, current term ends in 2019.

Finance & Revenue Commissioner - Connie Humble, current term ends in 2020.

Finance Officer - Jennifer Parrow

Finance Clerk - Judy Heisler

Public Works Foreman - Larry Parker

Maintenance Techs - Kurt Olson, Verl Tifft

Building Inspector & Ordinance Compliance Officer

Bar Manager -  Lorri Olson


Museum Curator - Linda Velder

Custodian - Diana Williams

Library Director - Lisa Wonderly

Web Administrator - BlackHills.com

Newell Volunteer Fire Department Chief - Verl Tifft

Newell Ambulance Director - Sherry Hocking