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2016-01 General Industrial District Use Regulations

Ordinance 2016-01

An Ordinance to Amend Section 10.General Industrial District (GI) Use Regulations C. Uses Permitted on Review # 8 of the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Newell, South Dakota.


Be it ordained that after 7 Section 10 letter C Uses Permitted on Review in the Zoning Ordinance for the Town of Newell the following language will be set forth temporary grazing for weed and grass control.   




A.     General Description


This district is intended to contain a wide range of heavy commercial and light industrial activities of a non-nuisance nature, which by reason of these land requirements are separated from the general commercial district, but may in some uses be compatible with such district.


B.       Permitted Uses


1.       Manufacturing, processing, fabrication, sales, service, repair, warehousing and wholesaling of goods, including farm products, of a non-nuisance nature without limitation of floor space:


2.       Utility, facility and maintenance especially those connected with electricity, gas, fuel, oil, sewer, water, drainage, communications, telegraph, telephone, public transport, police, fire or postal services;


3.       Public utilities compatible with industrial zone;


4.       Service stations;


5.       Restaurants and eating places including drive-ins; and


6.       Incidental uses and building normally associated with the above.


C.      Uses Permitted on Review – Uses permitted upon review by the governing body on a conditional basis include:


1.       Intensive agricultural products processing;


2.       Motor freight, mail and water transportation facilities;


3.       Planned industrial parks incorporating a range of industrial uses;


4.       Sanitary landfills;


5.       Similar uses upon a finding of compatibility by the governing body;


6.       Outdoor advertising and sign subject to size, type and placement restrictions especially when viewed from residential districts; and




7.       Incidental uses and buildings normally associated with the above

8.   Temporary grazing for weed and grass control.   



D.     Lot Width and Area Requirements – There shall be no minimum width and area requirements except that main and accessory structures shall occupy no more than 75 percent of the lot area.


E.      Height Limitation – No structure shall be erected to exceed a height of 35 feet.  Certain structures – silos, grain elevators or other structures used for the storage of raw products –

shall be exempt from these height restrictions.


F.  Yard Requirements


1.       Front yard- Minimum of 25 feet.


2.       There shall be no side or rear yard requirements, except where this district abuts a residential district, a side and/or a rear yard of 25 feet shall be provided.




_______________________________                                                   _____________________________

Jennifer Parrow, Finance Officer                                                               M.R. Keolker Mayor




First Reading                 08 February, 2016                                                  Published               17 February, 2016

Second Reading