Newell Community Club



The current Community Club was incorporated in April, 1967. Officer records go back to 1950 listing those who served. Secretary Records have been found back to 1960. In addition, the Newell 50w Anniversary Book says that Newell Commercial Club was organized in 1911.


To promote the Community of Newell. The 1967 Articles of Incorporation state the purpose as "to render constructive civic services for the promotion, furtherances and support of the welfare of the community". We still strive to do the same today.


LABOR DAY EVENT-The 1960 Secretary Records talk about the Labor Day Rodeo and improvements that need to be made. Oral history says that the Rodeo started in the 1950's. It is still one of the biggest single events of our Community, bringing lots of people to town and providing the funds necessary to pay for the other Club activities.

SANTA CLAUS DAY-Again, the 1960 Secretary Record show that Community Club hosted Santa Claus and that 540 bags of candy were handed out. It was held on the first Saturday of December then and is still held on that date.

STUDENT OF THE MONTH & YEAR-This program was started in the mid 1980's. It recognizes 8 outstanding Newell High School Students each year, 2 from each of the classes, one student each month and a Student of the Year is selected using the accumulated Scholastic and Community involvement records.

FIELD & HOME SHOW-This was started in 1982. Its purpose was and is to have a mid-winter event to bring people to Newell for an educational and entertaining 1 day event.

RAM SHOW & SALE, also known as Ram & Ewe Show & Sale —we know that Community Club was functioning in the 1940's as the Club was the organizer and workers for the original Ram Show held in 1946. The Show is operated as an independent committee of Community Club. The Committee and Shows success is a tribute to the hard work of a lot of people for over 60 years.

EASTER EGG HUNT started a few years ago when the Grocery Store closed. Very popular.

 SUMMER SWIMMING PROGRAM the Club co-operates with the School District in organizing 2- 2 week long sessions each summer.

CENTENNIAL BOOK in the 1960's, Community Club published Newell's 50th Anniversary Book and will be assisting the volunteers this time who are publishing the 100 year book.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT-prior to the formation of the Newell Economic Development Corporation, Community Club functioned as the contact and promoter of business development in Newell.

 Membership is open to everyone in the Newell community.

PO Box 532

Newell, SD  57760