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Chapter 11 Obstructions


ORDINANCES - Obstructions - Chapter 11


Section 1. Erection of Poles:

 No person, firm or corporation shall erect any poles or posts to carry telegraph, telephone or electric light wires or for any other purpose whatsoever in any street or alley in this City without first obtaining a Permit therefore from the City Council.

 Section 2. Rubbish:

 No person shall throw into or upon, or place in any street, alley or sidewalk or other public place in the City of Newell any ashes, slops, manure, filth, trash, waste paper or any other material that will annoy the public or impede the passage on any such public place.

 Section 3. Merchandise:

 No person shall place any goods or merchandise for sale or exhibition upon any sidewalk or suspend any goods over the same for show, or deposit thereon or cause to suffer to be deposited thereon any cask, barrel, case, box or other package; except that it shall be lawful for any person to place on five (5) feet in width at the outer edge of the sidewalk in front of the premises for a period not exceeding twelve (12) hours any goods or merchandise which he may be in the act of delivering or receiving, provided that no goods or merchandise or trucks or scales or other articles shall be left on or over such sidewalk during the night.

 Section 4. Awnings:

 No person shall set any post, or other obstruction in any street, alley or sidewalk for the purpose of fastening any awning or sign; nor shall any person within the Business District of the City of Newell hereafter construct or cause to be constructed or maintain any wooden or iron or steel awnings or shed in or over any street, alley or sidewalk, or drop any awning of any material or suffer the same to approach nearer to the surface of the sidewalk than seven (7) feet.

 Section 5. Signs:

 No person shall place, hang or maintain on or over any sidewalk, street or alley, any sign which shall extend over such sidewalk, street or alley, more than thirty six (36) inches, or suffer the same to approach nearer to the surface of the sidewalk than seven (7) feet.

 Section 5. Gas and Oil Pumps:

 No apparatus for use in delivering any kind of oil or gasoline or any similar contrivance shall be allowed to be placed permanently upon any sidewalk in this City except at the outer edge thereof.

 Section 7. Hay Wagons:

 No wagons or other vehicles loaded with hay shall be allowed to stand in any of the Streets or Avenues of this City so as to obstruct free and normal passage in such Street or Avenue.

 Section 8. Wagons or Tools in Street:

 No wagons or vehicles including motor vehicles nor any other machinery or tools shall be allowed to remain on any Street in this City as to obstruct free and uninterrupted passage on such Street or Avenue, provided that nothing here contained shall be a bar to the parking of motor or other vehicles as provided in Chapter 6 on Traffic.

 Section 9. Horse-drawn Vehicles:

 Horse-drawn vehicles of every description shall be subject to Regular Traffic Rules applying to motor vehicles concerning driving on the right hand side of the Street, and in hitching horses attached to vehicles care shall be taken not to obstruct regular traffic. To this end hitching shall be done at places provided for that purpose by the City.

 Section 10. Penalty:

 Any person violating any of the provisions of this Chapter shall upon conviction thereof be subject to a Fine of not more that one hundred ($100.00) dollars and Costs, and shall stand committed until such Fine and Costs are paid.