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Chapter 9 Parks


 ORDINANCES - Parks - Chapter 9

 Section 1. Location:

All of Blocks thirty (30) and thirty two (32), Original Plat of Newell Town site, are hereby declared City parks, and in addition thereto all that space in every Street and Avenue between the private property line and the curb line as officially established, not occupied by sidewalks, shall be and is parking space under the control of the City of Newell.

 Section 2. Tree Setting:

 The setting of trees in the Streets and Avenues between sidewalk and curb shall be done under supervision of the City Council committee having this matter in charge, and trees shall be spaced according to the Rule and placed in a straight line. The trimming of trees growing in the Streets and Avenues shall be done according to Regulation of the Committee of the City Council have this matter in charge. In case the City shall desire and vote to beautify any certain Street or Avenue by contracting for the setting on such Street or Avenue of a certain kind of trees or shrubs, the City shall have power to carry out such contract without interference from owners of abutting property.

 Section 3. Injuring Trees:

 It shall be unlawful for any person to climb any tree or break or pluck or cut any branches or twigs from any tree or shrub, root up or disturb and shrub, flower or bulb, placed in any City Park or parking space, except as ordered by the custodian or person in charge of said Park.

 Section 4. Weeds:

 It shall be the duty of every owner or occupant of Lots in the Business or Residence Section of the City of Newell at the proper time to see that all weeds and tall grass are cut and removed from said property, and the City Council committee having charge of Parks shall look after the enforcement of the Provision.

 Section 5. Rubbish:

It shall be the duty of every owner or occupant of Real Estate in the City of Newell to at least once a year and at any time that he shall be directed by the committee of the City Council having the matter in charge to see that said Real Property occupied or owned by himself or herself is cleared of all rubbish, particularly tin cans, old scrap iron or other similar material, waste paper or other combustible material. In case of failure or refusal to comply with the Provisions of this Section, the committee in charge shall have the power to cause said property to be cleaned up as provided herein and cost of same shall be assessed to the property.

Section 6. Penalty:

Any person violating any of the Provisions of this Chapter shall upon conviction thereof be subject to a Fine of not less that five ($5.00) dollars and not over twenty five ($25.00) dollars and costs, and shall stand committed until such Fine and Costs are paid.