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Chapter 12 Building Regulations


ORDINANCES - Building Regulations - Chapter 12

 Amended by: Ordinance 132


Section 1. Department of Building Inspection:

 There is hereby established a Department of Building Inspection in and for the City of Newell.

 Section 2. Appointment of Building Inspector:

 The Mayor shall have the power to appoint an Officer as the head of the Department of Building Inspection, and to be known as the Building Inspector.

 Section 3. Compensation of Building Inspector:

 The compensation of the Building Inspector shall be Fees to be collected from the owner of the work inspected and such Fees shall be fully paid before the Inspector is required to approve the work, provided that his Fees shall be subject to the approval of the City Council.

 Section 4. Building Permit:

 Any person, persons, firm or corporation desiring to construct a new building or to repair or remodel to the extent of fifty (50%) percent of the original value any old building or move any old building within the Corporate Limits of the City of Newell shall make application for a Permit therefore to the Department of Building Inspection, which application shall state the name of the owner of the building, the exact location where the building is to be constructed or repairs made, the dimensions and the material and the use to which said building is to be devoted. In case of moving a building such application shall state its present location and the exact location to which it is desired to move the building.

 Section 5. Granting Permit:

Whenever the application for Building Permit sets forth conditions in accord with the Building Regulations of this City, including all Fire Regulations and the restrictions of the Fire District, a Building Permit shall be granted and issued by the Department of Building Inspection, signed by the Building Inspector, or in case of vacancy in that Office or his absence from town shall be signed by the Mayor.

 Section 6. Livery Barns and Blacksmith Shops:

No person or persons shall erect or cause to be erected, or locate any livery barn or feed stable or blacksmith or machine shop upon Girard Avenue from First Street to Fifth Street, or upon Third Street from Harvard Avenue to Dartmouth Avenue, nor any pool or billiard hall within either Block 41 or Block 44.

 Section 7. Ice House:

 It shall be unlawful for any person, persons, firm or corporation to keep in storage within the Fire Limits any ice except that which is unpacked and for immediate use.

 Section 8. Cesspools and Privies:

 No cesspool or privy shall be constructed within the City Limits without a Permit from the Building Inspector.

 Section 9. Eaves pipes:

 No person shall place or maintain any pipes leading from the eaves of any building or any part of any building in the City of Newell in such a position that the water discharged from the roof of said building will flow upon or over any public sidewalk in said City, or on to the property of an adjoining Lot owner in such a way as to work injury to the adjoining property.

 Section 10. Penalty:

 Any person violating any of the provisions of this Chapter shall upon conviction thereof be subject to a Fine of not less than five ($5.00) dollars and over fifty ($50.00) dollars and Costs, and shall stand committed until such Fine and Costs are paid.